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A dog painting

If you’re looking for a unique way to commemorate your furry friend, then why not consider getting them painted or a portrait done of them? Dog portraits are a wonderful way to capture the personality of your pup and create something that will last for generations. Why settle for generic wall art when you can have a truly unique design that celebrates the best friend in your life? Give your beloved fur baby their rightful place of honor with Print Our Pet's custom framed pieces. Featuring artwork celebrating every specific quirk and personality trait, it's an amazing way to commemorate all those cozy nights snuggled up on the couch together!

There is nothing better than having a collection of all your furry loved ones hanging on a wall in your home. Whether you're remembering a past loved one or wanting to make your dog's room great, you have so many options for making it happen. Spend your days looking at custom portraits of your favorite animals. Let’s take a look at how you can get started with creating your very own canine masterpiece!

 A dog sitting next to its painting

Finding an Artist

The first step in commissioning a dog portrait painting is finding an artist. There are many talented painters out there who specialize in dog paintings. If you're looking for a digital painting, look no further than Print Our Pet!

Take some time to research different artists and styles. Find one whose style appeals to you. It’s also important to read through any reviews or testimonials from past customers, so you can be sure the artist has the skill and experience necessary for producing quality work.

Print Our Pet Reviews

  • Kelly M.

    • 12/7/2022

      • It was easy to order and customize. The picture of our doggo turned out perfectly. I will highly recommend to friends and family.

  • Heidi D.

    • 12/6/2022

      • The pictures look exactly like our pets. I appreciate being sent a mock up before hand to make sure colors were right.

  • Ashleigh C.

    • 12/2/2022

      • Love love love! I’ve ordered multiple things from print our pet and they always knock it out of the park! Everything came out amazing!! Thank you all so much!!!

  • Amanda B.

    • 11/30/2022

      • It was better than the picture I uploaded. I have a black dog and I asked for a red collar in the picture even though she had a different color on in the picture. Turned out better than I expected.

  • Alexis H.

    • 11/29/2022

      • All around amazing! I was very impressed with the quality of the print, the customer service/communication, and the time to receive the purchase. I will absolutely be using them again.

 A dog painting on a wall

Choosing a Photo

Once you have identified an artist, it’s time to choose the perfect photo for them to use as reference material. Take some time to take multiple photos of your pup from different angles and in different lighting conditions until you find one that captures their personality perfectly. You should also pay attention to background elements when taking photos - if there are other animals or people in the shot, make sure they are well composed too! That way, they won’t distract from your pup when they are painted onto the canvas.

When taking a photo of your pet, make sure they're being still. If your pet feels anxious, it might be time to take a break and try again later. Treats are a good way to get your furry friend to behave while taking a picture. Having someone there to help you keep your pet entertained can also help make sure your photo turns out the way you want it too. Pet photography is a numbers game, but with enough patience and effort you'll find that the gems in your photo library will be worth it! Taking plenty of shots may seem daunting at first, but casting a wide net often pays off.

Choosing A Photo For Print Our Pet

Capturing the perfect photograph of your pet is essential for creating a lasting memory that you can cherish forever. To accomplish this, daylight works best and having a high quality camera (or smartphone) will help to ensure good image clarity. Also be sure to have your furry friend looking directly at the lens with their face well lit - other angles work too but ultimately it's how they'll appear in the final product! And why not add some character? Details like collars, leashes, hats or any creative outfit are all welcome additions for illustrated portraits that show off just how unique our four-legged friends really are!

Don't know if your images will make the cut? Don't worry! We understand that some photos, like memorials of beloved pets who have passed away, don't always fit all our guidelines. Whether you need help navigating technical regulations or answering queries about how it works, we've got everything covered with a broad range of FAQ's and reviews from our satisfied customers. Reach out to us now - let's get started on creating something special together!

Dog paintings

Bringing Your Vision To Life

Finally, it’s time to discuss what kind of painting you want with your chosen artist. Do you want something abstract or realistic? What type of colors do you want used? Are there any special elements that need to be included (such as a favorite toy or blanket)? By communicating clearly with your artist about what kind of painting you envision, they will be able to bring it to life on canvas!

Kick generic wall art to the curb and give your beloved pet a spot of honor in your home! Showcase how special they are with a custom framed piece featuring their beautiful, furry face. Whether you have one four-legged friend or an entire pack, Print Our Pet can commission artwork that celebrates them all! Make sure your fur babies stay close at heart - create lasting memories hanging prominently any place in your house.

Five Steps To Get A Print Our Pet Portrait

Showcase the special bond you share with your pet by creating a one-of-a kind, personal piece of art! Print Our Pet gives you an easy way to turn photos of your beloved best friend into custom wall decor that's sure to be enjoyed for years. Don't wait another minute; honor the loving relationship between humans and pets today! The simple five step process will have everyone admiring their unique artwork in no time.

Step One

Capture the special bond you share with your furry, feathered or scaly companions by creating a personalized portrait! Upload photos of each pet directly from your Instagram, Facebook feed and more. Not sure which photo will look best? Check out our Image Guidelines for ideas on finding that purr-fect pic.

Step Two

Put yourself at the center of your very own masterpiece! With our custom portrait service, you can create a timeless artwork that features up to five pets and even add their names. Choose from four sizes, two frame colors and six background options or take it one step further with some of our premium upgrades like ordering a digital file version - regardless, be sure not to miss out on this exclusive opportunity! Different sizes of portraits and amount of dogs in the portraits will range in price, so there will be an option that will fit all your needs.

Step Three

Our talented team of artists are transforming your vision into a beautiful, one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Sit back and enjoy the creative process as we bring online custom artwork to life!

Step Four

Let us capture the unique features of your pet in their very own portrait! We are committed to making sure you love your order, so we offer a digital rendering for approval before sending it into production. Have peace of mind that when you receive your special keepsake, it'll be just what you wanted.

Step Five

It's almost time to get your masterpiece! After a final approval, we'll be sending it into production. And before the order reaches you, don't worry - an email with all its tracking info will come right away. One it ships, you'll be able to see how long until it gets to you. If there are any other questions about shipping – simply read up here for some answers!

 A puppy on a couch next to its painting


A pet portrait is a truly special gift for yourself or someone else who loves dogs. By taking the time to research artists and choose just the right photo, you can ensure that your pup will be captured in all their glory on canvas! So don't wait - start looking for an artist today and let them turn your vision into reality. Your pup deserves only the best after all!

As you can see, a pet portrait is the perfect way to commemorate your furry friend and keep them close by always. If you're looking for a digital portrait, you'll be happy to know that Print Our Pet can help you with all your needs. If you're interested in ordering a pet portrait for yourself or as a gift, visit Print Our Pet today. We would be honored to help you capture your pet's unique personality in an enduring piece of art.

At Print Our Pet, we understand the love you have you for furry friend. Make your orders with our team of specialized artists, who can guarantee your work of art will be illustrated by hand and 100% unique! Nothing can be better than coming home at the end of the day to a home filled with art of your favorite loved ones.

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