Everything You Need To Know About Pet Food Express

Everything You Need To Know About Pet Food Express

Are you looking for a reliable and affordable pet food store? If so, then you should definitely check out Pet Food Express. In this review, we'll take a look at what this store has to offer, as well as some of the things that we think make it stand out from the competition. So whether you're in the market for a new pet food store or just interested in learning more about Pet Food Express, read on!

What Is Pet Food Express?

Pet food express self service pet wash

Pet Food Express is a popular chain of pet stores from California that offers premium brands of pet food, holistic and organic options, as well as other supplies. Michael Levy, the CEO and co-owner of Pet Food Express began his first dog training business in 1976 then went on to build a San Francisco store that sold pet food and products four years later.

By 1986, he had abandoned dog training service to concentrate on retail, having grown to three locations by 1992 when Mark Witriol came aboard as a partner. They've since expanded across California, with 54 locations in Northern California and 9 more in Southern California.

More than 250 non-profit animal rescue and shelter organizations are affiliated with Pet Food Express, and the company gives more than $1 million each year to those groups. Since 2011, Pet Food Express has established numerous cat adoption facilities in its shops, claiming that more than 1,000 cats have been adopted since the program's inception.

What Sets Pet Food Express Apart From The Competition?

There are a lot of things that set Pet Food Express apart from the competition, but here are some of the most notable:

1. Variety: Pet Food Express offers a wide variety of premium brands of pet food, as well as holistic and organic options. This is great for pet parents who are looking for the best possible nutrition for their furry friends. Pet Food Express also offers discounts on all their products if you have an account with them.

2. Product Standards: Pet Food Express is very strict about the products that they carry in their stores. They have a comprehensive testing and approval process for all of the food and items that they sell, so you can be sure that you're getting only the highest quality products for your pet. Asides from this, their food contains no fillers, by-products, or artificial preservatives.

3. Leading Edge: From raw to fresh foods to hemp oil supplements, they offer products that other stores don't even know exist. They're always on the lookout for new products that can improve the lives of pets and their parents, so you can be sure that you're getting the latest and greatest items when you shop at Pet Food Express.

4. Excellent Customer Service: Last but not least, the customer service at Pet Food Express is top-notch. The employees are all extremely knowledgeable about the products and are more than happy to help you find the perfect food or item for your pet. Support hours from Monday to Saturday are 9 am-9 pm. While Sunday is 9 am-7 pm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we've answered some of the most commonly asked questions about Pet Food Express:

Q: Where Does Pet Food Express Deliver?

Delivery is available to most ZIP codes around their stores. They even offer free same-day delivery for some products. Auto Delivery is also available to the majority of Northern California ZIP codes surrounding our store locations. Unfortunately, they do not provide nationwide delivery at this time.

Q: What Are My Delivery Options?

Pet food express prides itself on its ability to adjust to its customers schedules, so whether you need your products now or later, they have a delivery option for you! Choose to have your order delivered on the same day or schedule it up to six days in advance. You'll be given delivery window options at checkout; however, please note that individual store times may vary.

Q: What Stores Offer In-store Pickup?

All Pet Food Express shops offer in-store pickup. In-store pickup is always free.

How Is Pet Food Express Helping The Community?

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In addition to the wide variety of high-quality food and products that they offer, Pet Food Express is also very involved in giving back to the community. As we mentioned, they have a strong affiliation with animal shelters and rescue organizations, and they donate more than $1 million each year to these groups. Here are some other ways that Pet Food Express is helping to make a difference:

Pet Advocacy: Pet Food Express is a big advocate for pet-friendly policies and has been working to make California a more pet-friendly state. They have helped to pass laws that allow pets in restaurants, hotels, and other public places.

Animal Adoption Services: Pet Food Express has established cat adoption facilities in their shops, and they have helped to find homes for homeless cats since the program's inception. They are also working on setting up dog adoption services in their stores as well.

Rescue + Shelter Support: Through their 20/20 program, Pet express donates $20 for every 20/20 coupon they receive from an adopted animal from participating local shelters and rescue groups. They donate returned products to local animal rescue groups, and their stores host two rescue fundraisers per year.

Other Services They Offer

Pet Washing: Pet Food Express' Self-Service Pet Wash is the best place to wash your pets, period. They have premium shampoos, fresh towels, and air dryers--everything you need for a comfortable experience. Not only that, but their raised tubs and waterproof aprons keep you dry while entry steps, waterproof collars and leash clips keep your pet safe. All pets are welcome in their self-service pet wash--from cats to pigs to sheep!

Dog Training: Pet Food Express offers dog training classes. Their classes focus on helping you build a strong bond with your dog and teaching you how to train them using positive reinforcement methods. They offer a variety of different class types, so you can find the perfect one for you and your pup.

Wellness Centers: Pet Food Express has wellness centers located in select stores. These centers offer a variety of services, including grooming, VIP petcare, and more. They also have a retail section where you can find all the products you need to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Veterinary Clinics: Pet Food Express has full-service veterinary clinics located in select stores. These clinics offer a wide range of services, including wellness exams, flea and tick control, vaccinations, dental care, surgeries, and more.

5 Tips For Feeding Your Pet

Here are five tips for feeding your pet

1. Understand The Ingredient List: It is important to read and understand the ingredient list on any food. For your canine and feline friends, a protein source or two should be listed first. In a high-quality food mix, a meal (think chicken, beef, or fish) is usually in the first or second spot on the ingredient list. For herbivores, such as rabbits, you'll need to check that alfalfa or another hay with high fiber content is listed first—most of their diet should be made up of healthy fibers.

2. Consider Your Pet's Age, Size, And Lifestyle: Just like human food, animal food is also made for different life stages (baby, adult, and senior). Even though the ingredients might not change, the nutritional levels are tweaked to help your furry friend live their best life. A senior dog food formula, for example, will include glucosamine for joint health, while a puppy's is packed with protein to aid growth.

If your animal is more active, then it will need more food. For dogs that are extremely active, you may want to consider a food with higher protein levels. Make sure to monitor your pet when changing its diet and look for any adverse reactions.

3. Feed Them At Regular Intervals: Animals should be fed at regular intervals throughout the day to maintain a healthy weight and metabolism. The number of times you feed your pet will also depend on its age, size, and activity level. Smaller dogs and puppies typically need to eat more frequently than larger breeds.

4. Avoid Overfeeding: Overfeeding your pet can lead to obesity, which puts them at risk for health problems like diabetes, joint pain, and respiratory issues. To avoid overfeeding, always measure out the recommended amount of food according to your pet's age, size, and activity level. If you're unsure how much to feed your pet, ask your veterinarian for guidance.

5. Know The Warning Signs Of Poor Nutrition: Poor nutrition can lead to a variety of health problems in animals. If you notice any of the following signs, it could be an indication that your pet is not getting the nutrients it needs:

  • Dull coat

  • Excessive shedding

  • Flaky skin

  • Hot spots

  • Hair loss

  • Recurrent skin infections

  • Poor weight gain or weight loss

  • Vomiting

  • Diarrhea

  • Constipation

  • Lethargy

  • Poor appetite

If you notice any of these signs, make an appointment with your veterinarian. They can help you determine if your pet has a nutritional deficiency and recommend the best course of treatment.


In conclusion, Pet Food Express is a great option for pet parents who are looking for high-quality food and items for their furry friends. They offer a wide variety of products, strict product standards, leading edge items, and excellent customer service. If you're looking for a one-stop shop for all your pet needs, look no further than Pet Food Express!

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