How To Find The Purr-Fect Cat Names for Your Feline Friends

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If you’re a proud cat parent, then you know that one of the most important decisions you’ll make is selecting the perfect cat names for your companions. It can be difficult to choose the right moniker — after all, this is something that will stick with your feline friend for life! Luckily, we have some tips and tricks to help make the process easier.

Do Your Research

If you’re stuck on what to name your cat, take some time to do some research. Look through pet websites or books about cats and see if any names stand out to you. You can also look up popular human names from different cultures or countries; this can give you a great pool of options that are both unique and meaningful. Plus, who knows — maybe your research will reveal an unexpected connection between your kitty and its name.

Think About Personality Traits

Your cat’s personality traits may also guide you in choosing a fitting name. Does your new cat love to lounge around all day? Consider a lazy-sounding name like “Napoleon” or “Siesta.” Or if they are always running around and playing, think about something more energetic like “Maverick” or “Bolt.” Taking into account their distinct character can provide endless possibilities when it comes to naming your pet.

Be Creative

Don't be afraid to think outside the box! There are plenty of creative ways to come up with a unique pet name without having to resort to traditional monikers. Think about favorite foods (like Cheesy or Oreo), places (like Tokyo or Venice), pop culture references (such as Dobby or Princess Leia), puns (like Mewsic or Purrcy), or even random words (like Fluffy or Whiskers). By allowing yourself to get creative and have fun with it, you can find the perfect name that perfectly fits your feline friend's personality!

Look at Inspiration from Movies & TV Shows

One great way to come up with creative cat names is by looking at inspiration from movies and TV shows. There are plenty of popular characters with fun names that could be perfect for your cat. Think about some of the characters you love from books or movies that might have a suitable name for your pet such as Simba (from The Lion King), Princess Leia (from Star Wars) or even Garfield (from the comic strip). If none of these seem quite right, try using the main character's last name instead – just like how people refer to their cats as "Kitty" or "Puss".

Consider Your Own Interests & Passions

If you're still struggling for ideas, think about things that are meaningful to you and use them as inspiration when coming up with potential names. Do you have any hobbies or interests that could provide some inspiration such as sports teams, favorite bands or books? For example, if football is one of your passions why not call him Beckham or Brady after two well-known NFL players? Or if music is more up your alley try giving him a musical inspired name like Jazz or Jagger! Bringing in elements from things that mean something special to you can help make sure that the final choice is something truly special.

The Naming Process

Coming up with the perfect name for your beloved feline companion can feel like a daunting task. There are so many names to choose from, and you want something that suits your cat’s personality. But don’t worry - the naming process doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, it can be quite enjoyable!

When selecting a name for your pet, consider their personality and physical traits. If they enjoy playing and running around, think of active descriptive words such as “faster” or “speedy” that could work as a name. Alternatively, if they are more laid-back and relaxed, you may prefer names such as “chillax” or “lazarus.” Consider their breed or color too - black cats often suit names like “Midnight” or “Panther,” while white cats could be named after marshmallows or snowflakes. Tailor the choice based on what resonates with you and your pet!

A great way to come up with fun and unique cat names is to take inspiration from pop culture sources such as television shows, books, movies, comics and celebrities. A few examples include Hermione (from Harry Potter), Simba (from The Lion King) and even Captain Jack Sparrow (from Pirates of the Caribbean). These types of names are likely to become conversation starters when introducing your cat to friends and family members.

If you're struggling to decide on the perfect name for your beloved kitty, why not ask others for their opinion? Gather together some friends or family members who know the cat well, tell them about its individual traits and quirks then let them help you choose the right one. This can also be an enjoyable bonding experience with those closest to you – plus it will save time narrowing down all of those potential choices!

Picking out a name for your pet should never cause stress or anxiety; it should be an enjoyable process that reflects both yours and your cat's personalities. With these tips in mind, it will be easier than ever before to come up with just the right moniker for your four-legged friend!

100 Cat Names That Might Inspire You For Your New Kitten

All new pet parents need to choose an adorable name for their new furry friend. Some might go for a classic name like Mittens, Tiger, or Daisy; but others want something that's more unique. There are plenty of cat names inspired by movies and TV shows, from Catwoman to Garfield. Other pet owners want to reflect their new cat's personality with names like Hamlet or Mischief. With so many options available, new cat parents can find the perfect name for their beloved feline companion in no time.

Cute Cat Names

If you're looking for a cool cat name for your new kitty, here are the 10 best cat names that would be the perfect name for your adorable kitty.

  1. Whiskers

  2. Honey

  3. Wally

  4. Tubby

  5. Theo

  6. Alvin

  7. Fern

  8. Lucky

  9. Dobby (Harry Potter)

  10. Stevie

Most Popular Cat Names

There are a few names for cats that are super popular. That doesn't take away how great of a name they are. Consider some of these most popular cat names.

  1. Milo

  2. Tiger

  3. Luna

  4. Ollie

  5. Bella

  6. Lily

  7. Leo

  8. Lucy

  9. Charlie

  10. Nala

Disney Cat Names

Naming your cat something Disney related can be a great way to add some fun and whimsy to your home. Being able to choose from iconic characters, beloved sidekicks, or classic movie titles gives you a wide variety of options for naming your furry companion. Not only does it give the cat an identity that will fit into any home, but it also injects some of that trademark Disney magic into everyday life. You’ll get be able to smile when you come home to find Mickey lounging around or when your friends overhear you calling out “Here Simba!” With so many fun possibilities, there’s no reason why your cat shouldn’t become a part of the magical world of Disney today!

  1. Scar (The Lion King)

  2. Nemo (Finding Nemo)

  3. Woody (Toy Story)

  4. Nala (The Lion King)

  5. Rufus (Kim Possible)

  6. Minnie (Minnie Mouse)

  7. Flounder (The Little Mermaid)

  8. Flynn (Tangled)

  9. Chewie (Star Wars)

  10. Sully (Monsters Inc)

Top Male Cat Names

Here are the 10 top male cat names for your new boy cat. Boy cat names can be funny and adorable, so make sure to give your boy cat some love with a classic name.

  1. Sammy

  2. Toby

  3. Shadow

  4. Simon

  5. Jack

  6. Oliver

  7. Panther

  8. Harley

  9. Garfield

  10. Loki

Top Female Cat Names

Girl cat names are tricky because you want to give your cats a unique cat name. Remember, the perfect name is something that shows this sweet girl is your world.

  1. Molly

  2. Gracie

  3. Angel

  4. Cleo

  5. Zoe

  6. Princess

  7. Juno

  8. Daisy

  9. Kitty

  10. Dolly

Unique Cat Names

Expanding your family to include a new pet is always a joyous occasion! One of the first steps in caring for your new feline friend is that of selecting its name. Naming your cat something unique can be an experience all its own, and can also be extremely beneficial. It will be easier for you to remember and easier for others who come into contact with it to identify it by this special moniker. Furthermore, since cats are highly different from one another, thinking up a personalized name makes it simpler to distinguish yours from all the other cats out there! So why not get creative and give your four-legged companion an unforgettable name?

  1. Stitch

  2. Checkers

  3. Sabor

  4. Rascal

  5. Paws

  6. Moon

  7. Socks

  8. Boots

  9. Onyx

  10. Pepper

Cat Names That Are Bad Luck

It's an interesting thought - can the name you give to your beloved pet actually cause bad luck? Although there is no reliable science to back it up, superstitious people around the world have long thought that some cat names could be unlucky. Chinese culture associate certain letters in a name with certain meanings and often avoid names with bad connotations like "ghost", since cats are believed to be connected to the supernatural. Of course, if you choose incorrectly, some Western cultures think having an evil-sounding cat name could bring misfortune. In the end, whether due to ancient tradition or just plain superstition, it might be wise not to tempt fate when picking a name for your new feline friend, but here are some options if you want to!

  1. Maya

  2. Tucker

  3. Rosie

  4. Tigger

  5. Samson

  6. Abby

  7. Midnight

  8. Thomas

  9. Raven

  10. Jinx

Food Names For Cats

Naming your cat after food can be a great way to express your personality and even honor a favorite dish. Many people love naming their beloved pets something that has special meaning to them. After all, there's nothing quite like coming home to your furry companion with a creative and humorous name like Hambone or Sushi. Plus, you can use the name as an ice breaker when making introductions! It'll also give you lots of opportunities to get creative with mealtimes - instead of calling out your pet's regular name while pouring them kibble, you'll get to call out the food-inspired one! In short, naming your cat after food provides a unique and fun opportunity for pet parents everywhere.

  1. Oreo

  2. Wasabi

  3. Mango

  4. Kiwi

  5. Cookie

  6. Ginger

  7. Peanut

  8. Cheeto

  9. Sushi

  10. Dumpling

Funny Cat Names

Naming your cat something humorous can be a great way to make them stand out from the crowd and show off their playful personality. Not to mention, it will be a source of laughter each time you call out their name. Plus, you’ll be creating inside jokes with your friends and family when they ask why you chose such an outrageous name for your pet. Your furry friend will feel like part of the gang if they have a funny moniker that sets them apart from other cats in the neighbourhood. Overall, giving your cat a funny name is sure to consider long-term amusement!

  1. Buttercup (From the Hunger Games)

  2. Catzilla

  3. Gizmo

  4. Clawdia

  5. Twinkie

  6. Jennifur

  7. Tabbytha

  8. Veronicat

  9. Kitty Purry

  10. Fishbait

So Many Names.. Here's 10 More

Not that 90 names for cats isn't enough, here's 10 more ideas for you new kitty. Maybe you'll feel inspired after a few more names.

  1. Yoda (Star Wars)

  2. Medusa

  3. Merlin

  4. Paige

  5. Phantom

  6. Ophelia

  7. Zelda

  8. Gigi

  9. Misty

  10. Izzy

New Kitty Tips For Pet Parents

If you’ve just welcomed a new furry friend into your family, congratulations! Owning a pet comes with many responsibilities, and caring for a kitten is no exception.

Establish a Vet Schedule

As soon as you bring your kitten home, make sure to take them in for their initial vet visit. This will include shots, worming, and other tests. Once they’re all set up with their vaccinations, be sure to stick to regular vet checkups every 6 months or so – this will help keep them healthy and happy! Additionally, it might be wise to do some research on local vets before bringing your kitten home so that you can find one that best suits your needs.

Create an Environment of Safety and Comfort

Your kitten should feel safe in their new home, so it’s important to create an environment where they can feel secure and comfortable. Make sure the room they’re in is free of any hazards like exposed wires or objects that could potentially harm them if ingested. Also provide plenty of cozy places for them to sleep like beds or baskets filled with towels. Having toys around is also great for keeping them entertained during the day!

Provide Proper Nutrition

Kittens need proper nutrition in order to grow and develop properly. Be sure to consult with your veterinarian about which type of food would be best for your specific kitten. Additionally, feeding kittens more than once per day is recommended – ideally two meals spaced out evenly throughout the day should suffice. Lastly, make sure there’s always plenty of fresh water available at all times!

Providing a safe and comfortable environment while ensuring proper nutrition are two essential steps when it comes to taking care of a new kitten. Following these tips will help ensure that your new furry friend gets off on the right foot when settling into their new home! With just a bit of extra effort on your part, you can guarantee that both you and your beloved pet will have many years together full of joy and fun memories!


Naming your pet is an exciting milestone in being a responsible pet parent. When choosing a special moniker, don't forget to consider things like research, personality traits, and creativity as these can all work together towards finding the perfect fit for your furry family member! With these tips in mind, picking out the right cat names should be nothing but purrfectly easy!

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