How To Get A Cat Painting From Print Our Pet

How To Get A Cat Painting From Print Our Pet

Are you looking to add a little personality to your home décor? Why not order a cat painting from Print Our Pet? Our talented team of artists will create a one-of-a-kind digital portrait of your feline friend that you can treasure forever. Here's what you need to know about getting started.

Cat Paintings

A cat standing next to its painting

Cat paintings represent cats and their many personalities, often created by experienced and talented artists. They depict the beauty and grace of cats in various mediums, from watercolors to oils. Cat paintings can be abstract or realistic, depending on the artist's vision and style. They can feature single cats or multiple cats interacting with each other in a scene.

Many cat owners enjoy displaying their pet's likeness as art in their home or office, and this is made possible by cat paintings. The detailed brushwork used by experienced artists captures the subtle nuances of a feline's features - from its eyes to its fur - that add life-like qualities to the painting. Other types of artwork may feature more generalized depictions of cats, such as cartoonish drawings or modern interpretations made with digital technology.

Apart from capturing the unique characteristics of particular breeds and species, you can also use cat paintings to illustrate stories and fables about these animals. This includes fantastical scenes that involve mythical creatures such as fairies and dragons interacting with cats or humorous scenarios that bring out the mischievous nature of felines. Such pieces often contain hidden Easter eggs that only cat lovers will appreciate!

What Are Digital Cat Paintings

Digital cat paintings are created using computer software such as Adobe Photoshop or Corel Painter to create the image. This is often used to create highly detailed images that would be difficult to achieve with traditional painting techniques.

It also allows the artist to explore more abstract designs and colorful and fun interpretations of cats. Digital paintings are the best for clients looking for something unique, as they bring out the best in all aspects of your cat's features.

Famous Cat Paintings

Cat paintings are an amazing way to express your love for cats and show off your feline friend beautiful way. Cat paintings can come in various styles and sizes, from abstract designs to more realistic renderings. Here are some of our favorite cat painting that has made cat lovers go ballistic:

The Cat Lunch By Marguerite Gerald

Painting of a woman feeding her cat

The Cat Lunch by Marguerite Gerald is a tranquil oil cat painting that conveys the peacefulness of motherhood and childhood. The painting features a young woman in a simple white and grey dress with her long, curly brown hair pulled back into a rough bun. Her cat is perched comfortably on a chair while she feeds it from a plate.

The color palette of The Cat Lunch is warm and inviting, consisting mostly of earthy tones such as greens and browns with a little red to lighten up the piece. The composition of this painting is also calming; its subject matter is kept minimalistic to focus on the woman's relationship with her pets.

The moment between them exudes tenderness and love, allowing viewers to appreciate this special bond between cats and humans. Marguerite Gerald has expertly captured this scene in detail: from each strand of fur to every expression on their faces – their relationship shines through clearly within this art piece. A truly heartfelt artwork.

The White Cat By Bonnard


In 1984, Paris witnessed Bonnard's timeless masterpiece: The White Cat. Despite its simplistic appearance, this renowned feline painting was indeed a complicated task for the artist himself - even deciding on the exact positioning of each paw took some time to complete! Throughout most of his career as an artist, cats have been Bonnard's favorite subject matter and earned him fame as a cat painter.

La Poeté By Marc Chagall

La Poeté By Marc Chagall

Marc Chagall was a trailblazer of modernism in art and experienced the brilliance of Paris during its golden age. He went beyond being an influential figure of modernization by actively participating in Surrealism, Symbolism, and Fauvism. His art has always depicted the struggles faced by peasants as well as his own personal experiences while living in Jewish villages. Being a cat person himself, cats were often used to illustrate fantastical characters within his paintings.

Cat Catching A Bird by Pablo Picasso

Cat Catching A Bird by Pablo Picasso

The Cat Catching A Bird abstract painting by Pablo Picasso is a captivating piece depicting a cat on the prowl. This cat painting is composed of vibrant hues and bold lines, creating an eye-catching image.

The painting captures the moment the cat is ready to pounce on its prey – a small bird in flight. Picasso's dynamic brush strokes further emphasize this intense focus and concentration moment.

The Cat Catching A Bird abstract painting is more than just an aesthetically pleasing piece; it reflects Picasso's vision as an artist. His use of color and line displays his talent for abstraction, while his mastery over composition allows him to bring out emotion without words or figures.

Additionally, his use of heavy brushstrokes helps to make the cat look powerful and fierce – almost as if it were alive! This gives viewers an insight into what was going through Picasso's mind when he created this masterpiece.

Overall, this painting by Pablo Picasso is not only visually stunning but emotionally compelling as well. Its vibrancy allows us to appreciate the importance of nature's delicate balance between predator and prey, yet its composition fills us with awe at its simplicity and beauty.

The Bachelor's Party by Louis Wain

The Bachelor's Party by Louis Wain

The Bachelor's Party by Louis Wain is a remarkable and humorous piece of art that shows cats in a unique light. The setting is unique compared to other cat paintings – these cats aren't wearing any clothing or accessories like collars or bows! This gives the painting an air of wildness and freedom, allowing viewers to experience the carefree atmosphere cats enjoy.

Louis Wain's cat painting depicts the pets' individuality as each has a personality visible through facial features and postures. This cat painting is a timeless masterpiece that will bring smiles to viewers regardless of age or culture.

It brings together elements of humor and freedom while reminding us how wonderful it is to have furry friends who can share experiences with us without needing words.

Print Our Pet Cat Paintings

A cat sitting next to its photos 

Print Our Pet is the perfect place for cat lovers who want to show off their furry friends in stunning artwork. With Print Our Pet, users can easily create a personalized piece of art with their pet's photo. You can also create a detailed self-portrait with your feline friend.

We'll walk you through our creative process and bring your cat painting idea to life, whatever it may be. Whether you want a painting of a library cat or a white cat in a bow tie, two kittens having a conversation, cats playing with a dog, or even cats in their world like those in Louis Wain's paintings, or you want a painting of your cats in an abstract form. 

All you need do is upload a picture of your pet, and Print Our Pet will turn it into a museum-quality painting. The process is simple and stress-free:

Step One: Choose A Photo Of Your Pet

Your pet's photograph is the foundation of creating a one-of-a-kind portrait. Aim to capture an image with crisp clarity, suitable lighting, and a clean background that highlights your furry friend's face. Whether you're using photos from your existing library or taking new ones

Step Two: Customize Your Portrait

If you've already selected the perfect photo of your furry friend, simply upload it to our website and let our professional team do the rest. With a plethora of design options--including art sizes, frame colors, background hues, up to five pets per piece of artwork, and custom text--your pet portrait will truly be one-of-a-kind! Make sure that your beloved companion is commemorated forever with this meaningful keepsake.

Step Three: We Create Your Custom Artwork

Our expert artists will carefully craft a tailored digital portrait of your pet that captures its unique character and spirit. With our customization options, you can be sure to receive a pet portrait that is made just for you - truly one-of-a-kind! Our portraits are produced with the utmost attention to detail, delivering exceptional quality every time.

Step Four: Review A Digital Rendering Of Your Portrait

Upon conclusion of your artwork, we will send you a digital rendering to ensure the portrait is accurate. If all details appear perfect, then it will be sent off for printing!

Step Five: Sit Back, Relax, And Be Ready To Receive Your Portrait In No Time

Once you give the green light for your pet portrait, it will be printed and sent directly to you. Every piece of art is packaged with meticulous attention to detail so that it arrives in pristine condition. To provide extra reassurance, we also send an email containing tracking information about your order.

At Print Our Pet, every customer receives personalized attention throughout the ordering process and after receiving their finished product. Our artistic talent, coupled with an unbeatable price, makes us the perfect choice for any pet parent - so why not shop from our lovely collection today and show everyone how much your furry companion means to you?

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