Etsy Order Submission Outlines

Below we will outline what is supposed to be entered in each field of the Etsy Order Submission page. 

  • ORDER NUMBER - This is where you enter your 10 Digit Etsy order number that you should have received after you've made your purchase. 
  • NUMBER OF ITEMS ORDERED - This is how many items were in your order. For example, if you ordered two separate portraits, you would select "Two" here. 

After you select the number of items, you will be provided with that many drop down menus. You will need to fill out each drop down menu completely. We will explain all the sections of the drop down menus below. 

  • ITEM CATEGORY - This is the type of item you ordered. 
  • BACKGROUND/BACKGROUND COLOR - Please select your option here. If nothing is selected, eggshell for portraits and clear for phone cases will be selected. 
  • NUMBER OF PETS - This is the number of pets in the portrait/on the phone case that you ordered. 
  • PET NAME (for portraits only) - Enter your pets name here. If you ordered a portrait with multiple pets, you will have a space to enter each pets name. 
  • MISCELLANEOUS DETAILS - Here you can include details like removing your pet's collar/harness or any small details that make your baby unique. Please note that we can not add elements to the photo that are not already present in the photo. 
  • UPLOAD PHOTO - This is where you can upload the photo you'd like us to use. We only use one reference photo for each order so make sure to choose your favorite! It is also important to note that ALL of our portraits are done from the neck/chest up. If you ordered an item with multiple pets, you will have a photo upload option for each pet.

If you have any other questions, please contact us here